Who is Dugg?

I was born in a small-ish town in WVa the oldest of six children. In 1960 I was 11 years old. My “impressionable years” were spent in the 60′s and 70′s.

I have lived in many places, visited 46 states, travelled around the world 3 times, raised two sons,  worked many, many jobs and even had a couple of careers along the way.

What a ride it’s been!

I started drawing as long ago as I can remember, maybe even before. I have drawn, painted, sketched, etched, watercolored, inked, collaged, built, filmed, cartooned, silk screened, did comps in markers, illustrated, designed posters, book covers, pamphlets, programs, menus, signs , costumes, stage sets, birthday cards, calendars and most everything else for money, fun, gifts and a livelihood.

I have pages and pages of tablets, sketch books, napkins and digital files to sort through and I make more every day. Without a pencil, a pen, or a stylus, my hand is naked. These days with the introduction of drawing software for the IPhone and IPad I have begun to draw even when I am not in posession of paper and pencil, pen, crayon or any suitable (or unsuitable) marking device sometimes just a naked finger.

In the last months, in addition to the thousands of pages of sketches on every possible type of paper. I have begun to draw the people and things around me on the subway, in bars, offices, streets, parks and so on — on my phone or IPad. When I do something I like I will put them here. Maybe. If you have a project you’d like me to create for you; contact me here and we can talk. If you see something you like; you can buy it here.

I have recently begun telling the story of my life experiences – so far (particularly the 70’s in the Army) on a blog called The 60’s to my 60’s…the link is right over there, if you’d care to read it. Sometimes I even complain about things…but I try to keep that toned down a bit 🙂