Sketches, paintings, doodles and occasional random bits

I was born in a small-ish town in WV the oldest of six children.  My “impressionable years” were spent in the 60′s and 70′s.

I have lived in many places, visited 46 states, travelled around the world 3 times, raised two sons, worked many, many jobs and even had a couple of careers along the way.

I started drawing as long ago as I can remember, maybe even before. I have drawn, painted, sketched, etched, watercolored, inked, collaged, built, filmed, cartooned, silk screened, did comps in markers, illustrated, designed posters, book covers, pamphlets, programs, menus, signs , costumes, stage sets, birthday cards, calendars and most everything else for fun, gifts and a livelihood.

I have pages and pages of tablets, sketchbooks, napkins and digital files to sort through and I make more every day. Without a pencil, a pen, or a stylus, my hand is naked.

In the last months, I have returned to my roots and am once again drawing and painting using natural mediums…paper, pencil, pens, paints and so on. I still draw digitally from time to time, but nowadays I have the time and the space to step back, relearn and refine my oldest skills.

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia.

What a ride it’s been! — so far.


Annabelle Dances

My granddaughter is very moved by music and dance

                 My granddaughter, Annabelle,  is very moved by music and dance